BakersfieldRV and Boat Storage & containers

Bakersfield RV and Boat Storage
8633 E. Brundage Lane
Bakersfield, CA 93307
On Hwy 58 at Weedpatch Hwy #184
(661) 366-3550 ~ Toll Free: (877) 361-3550
[email protected]

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Make Sure Your RV Is Ready For Storage!

Here’s a checklist to help you make sure your RV is ready for storage.

    * Review owner’s manual for engine, gas, generator, water heater & sanitation system.
    * Remove all perishable food from cabinets.
    * Turn off refrigerator, verify all power sources are off by checking 12 v, 110v and LP gas.
    * Remove all food from the refrigerator, clean the inside and leave the door open to ventilate.
    * Clean rooftop air conditioner filters and cover the outside unit.
    * Clean the interior of the RV, pull shades and close blinds.
    * Turn off the propane cylinders and cover the regulator.
    * Cover or tape vents to the furnace and range hood for long-term storage.
    * Ensure all roof vents and windows are closed.
    * Check tire pressures.
    * Inspect roof, body, interior, soft molding and caulking.
    * Service locks with spray lubricant to prevent rust and freezing.
    * Check all operating fluid levels under the hood and top off the gasoline tank.
    * Add a fuel stabilizer.
    * Empty and thoroughly rinse all holding tanks.

Bakersfield RV and Boat Storage
Bakersfield RV and Boat Storage with containers
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